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Saturday 9 April 2011

Book Review: Warren Buffet Portfolio by Robert Hagstrom

This book came very highly recommended to me. Hagstrom's more popular book The Warren Buffet Way was the first book related to investments that I had read. I was eager to read this to understand the approach for creating a portfolio. However, this book was a big let down. Hagstrom, to my mind, has tried to rehash some very popular and easily accessible material from Buffet's shareholders, Poor Charlie's Almanac and other such sources and put together a book. There is nothing is this that a reader can learn from that he won't get from reading the Buffet's letter to shareholders and books on Munger. 

The idea that is propagated throughout the book is to build a focused portfolio of not more than 10-15 stocks. Have a holding period of not less than 5 years. Increase your knowledge about every company you hold. Learn about them, their industry and competitors. 

In a nutshell, a book that has no new insights and repeats very well-known investment ideas and themes. Better to avoid.

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