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Monday 4 April 2011

Book Review: Investment Gurus by Peter Tanous

I just completed reading Peter Tanous' Investment Gurus. This book has been written on the lines of the Market Wizards series by Jack Schwager.That is, it is a collection of interviews with famous money managers. Added to those are a list of academicians. The list of interviewees are a very good collection of money managers. It includes people like Peter Lynch, Mario Gabelli, William Sharpe, Richard Driehaus and Eugene Fama.

The focus of the book is on finding out the method that each use to consistently beat the markets and to understand if the efficient market theory actually has any basis in reality.

This is a good book to read if you want to flip through the investment strategies of some very well-known and outperforming managers. If you want to have in-depth understanding of any theory, then this is not the book for you.

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