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Friday 3 April 2020

Annual Performance Review - Intelsense Model Portfolio

We completed 1 year as an advisory on 31-Mar-2020. What a year it has been. Something we are unlikely to forget in our lifetimes. I am sitting at home as part of the unprecedented countrywide lockdown and writing this note.

First the performance.

Model Portfolio
Nifty 500

The report and some thoughts are available here.

Stay indoors. Stay safe.


  1. Hi Abhishek, First of all it's wonderful to see that your model portfolio is down only by -12.1% since I couldn't find any mutual which could match with your portfolio. For learning purpose. Could you give some pointers on - what kind of stocks you've, sectors, allocation, debt % and cash levels at this moment. Did you exit any stock these days(last 2 months?) . Thanks once again.

  2. Thank you. I try to look for good quality companies and never really look at market cap or sector while doing bottom-up study.