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Monday 20 August 2018

ValuePickr 2018 - Annual Meet Takeaways

This was the 4th year we had the VP Annual Meet. The standard keeps going up each year. Personally, for me, I missed Donald during the meet. Hope he is there next year. His enthusiasm and prodding on working harder on a stock story have always egged me on in the last 8-10 years.

This year Prof Bakshi and Sumeet Nagar (Malabar Investments) were the special guests. Special thanks to them for spending so much time with us and sharing their experiences.

Every year, we have some new faces who make the cut. And every year, when I hear their presentations, I feel that I need to work harder to keep pace with them. This year was no different!

I personally was very impressed by Sumeet Nagar’s deliberate and thoughtful process of business evaluation and stock selection. It has encouraged me to do a lot deeper work than I used to do earlier.

As usual, learning from the fellow VP members has always been the greatest. When you have stalwarts like Hitesh Patel, Ayush Mittal, Anant Jain, Dhwanil Desai, Sandeep Kapadia and others all in one place, talking about businesses all the time, then it is par for the course that you will absorb a lot of different styles of investing. 

All the new entrants are great in their respective areas and helped me explore completely new facets of investing. Vivek Mashrani, Kumar Saurabh with their ability to look at numbers at a big scale, Jiten Parmar with his on the ground feel for cyclicals and overall market sense, Deepak Venkatesh with his domain knowledge on fintech and Rupesh Tatiya with his uncanny skill of adhering to his process to generate alpha in an overall down year for most.

I try to learn something new every year. This year, I spent some time exploring technical analysis and quantitative investing to increase my breadth of knowledge. My presentation is attached.


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