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Monday 8 August 2011

2008 vs 2011 - Which is a greater crash?

Fundamentally, we are not even close to the problems that were there in 2008. Credit markets froze then. Now, nothing of the sort is happening. S&P is basically getting back at the political top brass in the US. These were the people who lambasted them for not providing enough warning before the housing crisis and S&P, Moody's and Fitch got the wrong end of the stick back then. Now is their time to hit back. Revenge, as Dan Ariely argues in his latest book, is a very powerful motivation.

Funds and Institutions will probably not stop buying US bonds because a "A" was replaced by a "+" in somebody's report!! More because there is no credible alternative. Euro is in worse state, and Japanese Yen is not even in the running anymore. In this turmoil, Gold & Silver might shoot up along with the clamour for a gold-backed currency.

If we keep our heads above water now and can invest, 12 months down the line, we'll be happier for it.

My only caveat is that there should be no more adverse developments. Then the time horizon may need to be stretch from a year to more.

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