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Friday 24 August 2012

Stock Update: Hindustan Sanitaryware (HSIL)

Following up with Cera Sanitaryware review last week, I did a quick review of the other sanitaryware company in my portfolio.

For FY12:
Consolidated net revenues increased 27.38%
PAT grew 26.04%
EPS grew 15.2%

Building Products Division:
  • Net revenues increased 23.70%
  • Added 510 dealers and penetrated into 125 new towns
  • Added new brand QUEO targeting the luxury and super premium segment of the market

Installed Capacity:-
  • Sanitaryware – 3.5 million pieces annually. Completion of expansion at Bahadurgarh by October 2012 and greenfield project in Gujarat to achieve consolidated capacities of 5 million pieces
  • Faucets – 0.5 million pieces annually. Completion of phase I and II expansions of faucets at
  • Bhiwadi by Q2 FY 2013-14 and Q4 FY 2013-14 to achieve consolidated capacities of 3 million pieces.

Container Glass Division
  • Net revenues increased 30.62%
  • Completed capacity expansion, increasing total capacity from 1,125 tpd (1,643 million units) to 1,600 tpd (2,300 million units)
  • Container Division comprises of 55% revenue for the company. 22% market share in container glass segment in India.

Over 60% of India’s population does not have proper sanitation facilities. The Steering Committee of the Planning Commission has proposed an allocation of over `44,000 crore towards providing sanitation facilities in the 12th Five year Plan.

The company acquired Garden Polymers during the year and extended their product offerings to PET bottles, caps and closures, offering one more packaging solution besides glass bottle. Garden Polymers was the fourth largest manufacturer of PET bottles in India and HSIL spent 87cr for the acquisition.

Father-son duo (CMD and Jt MD) take a salary 7cr and 6.5cr! Whereas, the business division heads are paid 1.5 cr each! Does not speak very well of the promoter-management.

Business reconstruction reserve in the B/S of 225 cr has been done based on a scheme approved by the Calcutta High Court to revalue a portion of the company’s freehold land. It is not permitted as per GAAP. This looks to have been done primarily to maintain the debt-equity ratio in respectable numbers.

With an EPS of 16.7 and an expected 12-15% growth rate for the next 3-5 years, FY13 EPS is likely to be around 18-19. At approximately 8x PE (with a lower margin glass business, it will be cheaper than a pure-play like Cera), the likely price can reach 150-170 by end of FY13. At a CMP of 110, it can be a good medium term buy. 
However, I would not make HSIL a core portfolio choice, given its low margin and high capital requirements. Cera is a better bet in this space, but at lower valuations.

Friday 15 June 2012

Indian sanitaryware market - Cera &HSIL

According to a recent survey conducted by UNICEF, there are about 638 Million people in India who do not have proper sanitation facilities. Nearly 50% population use open toilets. Another Indian report mentioned that India has more mobile phones than proper toilets!

According to another recently published report, " the market for sanitary ware products is expected to grow enormously in the coming years. It is forecasted that global sanitary ware market will record a whooping turnover of US$ 89.5 Billion by 2017 where maximum growth is anticipated from emerging economies such as China and India. The mature market such as United States and Europe will encounter a sluggish growth for the next five year period."

The sanitary ware market for high end products in India is dominated by the organized segment but the unorganized segment has captured major share in low-end products segment. The market was dominated by the domestic players but now the international players are performing extremely well out of which some have registered growth of even more than 30% y-o-y. HSIL, Cera, Parryware and Somany are the major players present in the sanitary ware market in India.

Improving literacy rates, liberalized FDI policy in the real estate sector, favorable demographics, increasing purchasing power, customer friendly banks, and favorable reforms initiated by the Government to attract global investors is driving the growth for sanitary ware market in India which is forecasted to reach US$ 1.8 Billion within next five years.

Note: I am invested in both Cera & HSIL, so have a vested interest in both. Please due your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before investing.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

HSIL & Cera sanitaryware - Looking for one and finding another!

I was looking at HSIL (Hindustan Sanitaryware) and it came across as an excellent and boring business!! They make about 50% revenues from sanitaryware and the other 50% from glassware, specially colored bottles for soft drinks like Sprite, beer and industrial chemicals. It is a good solid business, run by what seems to be able management. I have bought a small initial quantity as well.

Then I stumbled upon Cera sanitaryware. It is a much smaller company but focused on only the sanitaryware segment. The basic comparison is given in the table below.


Sales growth (5 yrs CAGR)
PATgrowth (5 yrs CAGR)
EPS growth (5 yrs CAGR)


Div Yield%

Asset Turnover ratio
Debt-Equity ratio
Div payour ratio

Stock returns (last 5 yrs)
Sensex return (last 5 yrs)

Having looked at Cera, I think it definitely merits a closer look and probably a bigger slice of the investment pie than HSIL.

P.S: I am an interested part in these stocks as I hold HSIL and intend to buy into Cera. Please do your own due diligence before investing.