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Friday 15 June 2012

Indian sanitaryware market - Cera &HSIL

According to a recent survey conducted by UNICEF, there are about 638 Million people in India who do not have proper sanitation facilities. Nearly 50% population use open toilets. Another Indian report mentioned that India has more mobile phones than proper toilets!

According to another recently published report, " the market for sanitary ware products is expected to grow enormously in the coming years. It is forecasted that global sanitary ware market will record a whooping turnover of US$ 89.5 Billion by 2017 where maximum growth is anticipated from emerging economies such as China and India. The mature market such as United States and Europe will encounter a sluggish growth for the next five year period."

The sanitary ware market for high end products in India is dominated by the organized segment but the unorganized segment has captured major share in low-end products segment. The market was dominated by the domestic players but now the international players are performing extremely well out of which some have registered growth of even more than 30% y-o-y. HSIL, Cera, Parryware and Somany are the major players present in the sanitary ware market in India.

Improving literacy rates, liberalized FDI policy in the real estate sector, favorable demographics, increasing purchasing power, customer friendly banks, and favorable reforms initiated by the Government to attract global investors is driving the growth for sanitary ware market in India which is forecasted to reach US$ 1.8 Billion within next five years.

Note: I am invested in both Cera & HSIL, so have a vested interest in both. Please due your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before investing.


  1. This market should get a big hit once the Real Estate market bubble pops. I think Govt. spending also should experience a big decline very soon. It might make sense to sell now and wait for prices to come down to sensible levels where one can re-enter.

    1. I disagree. I don't think Indian real estate is likely to take a further 'big hit'. The demand from tier 2 and 3 cities are driven by real demand. The speculative froth in the market is limited to mostly the higher end of the metro market.
      Also, government spending is not the prime driver, although an important one for the market. I think the demand is likely to be very strong for a long period for the sanitaryware market. Stock market prices may vary based on market sentiments.

  2. Hi Abhishek,

    In my opinion, on comparative matrix, Cera is better positioned than HSIL due to much better financial performance and return ratios and prudent balancesheet management. Moreover for HSIL, container glass business (which constitutes 50% of revenue) acts as dampner on margin front hence denting HSIL's return ratios as well. It would be interesting to know your views on the same. I beleive Cera is a good long term secular growth story and equally good investment at current valuations.

    Best Regards
    Dhwanil Desai

    1. Hi Dhwanil,

      I absolutely agree with you. Cera does look to be a superior company purely from a financials perspective. Another company I am looking at (and liking) is Kajaria Ceramics. Don't have a position in it as yet. Need to dig deeper and see.


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