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Monday 18 June 2012

Mayur Uniquoter - Board to consider Bonus Shares

Mayur Uniquoters has informed the exchanges that a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on June 22, 2012, inter alia, to transact the following business:-

1. To consider and recommend the issue of bonus shares, if any.
2. To fix the date, time and place for holding the Annual General Meeting for the financial year 2011-12
3. To consider and approve the Notice and other matter related to the Annual Report.

Mayur continues on its journey of creating shareholder value.


  1. How does issuing Bonus shares creates shareholder value??? I think Company is not making any Business profit by issuing Bonus shares. Issuing shares increases the number of shares, but Value of the Company remains the same.

  2. It actually does not create any shareholder value. The way it benefits is that with the increase in number of shares, the liquidity also increases. This in turn leads to greater participation from investors. Another subtle psychological point is that usually management is confident of future prospects of EPS growth before announcing a bonus share.