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Thursday 25 October 2018

Weekly reading: Some Interesting Stuff

An account of how Amazon is working with local shop owners in rural India to bring online shopping to the rural masses

The primary risk is a permanent capital impairment or substantial mark-to-market losses. Any investor who has been putting money to work for some time will know that losses can come hard and fast, erasing years of returns. Avoiding these at all costs is, in my opinion at least, worth sacrificing a few percentage points of returns for.

5 Lessons from Jeff Bezos's 21 Years of Shareholder Letters

Wonderful letter to investors from Rajeev Thakkar of PPFAS mutual fund. Easy to read, takes on some very interesting and often asked questions and discusses about it.

James Clear has recently come out with a new book - Atomic Habits. This article is about how to take small (atomic) actions to create good habits or reduce bad ones.
It is remarkable how little friction is required to prevent bad behavior. When I hide beer in the back of the fridge where I can’t see it, I drink less. When I delete social media apps from my phone, it can be weeks before I download them again and log in.

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