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Thursday 11 October 2018

Weekly Reading - Some Interesting Reading

The politics of oil price, inflation targeting by the RBI and import duties present a bleak picture for the Indian economy

The story of Nokia's comeback.

Whitney Tilson ran a reasonably successful fund which he wound up after consistent under-performance. Now, in his new avatar as investment coach to wannabe fund managers, he professes his new, "Make Money" investing style!!
In this presentation, Tilson discusses the pitfalls of both value and growth investing and how he is now combining value and growth in his new strategy.

A very interesting interview of Cliff Asness, one of the pioneers of quantitative investing, discussed on various aspects of quant investing and how it is continuously changing

I usually do not put links to collaborativefund or farnam street blog articles, simply because I expect everyone to read all of their articles. This time I am making an exception, because I think it is very timely for us in India.

"A young investor might have 40 years to save for retirement. But can they withstand a day like yesterday, when the market fell 3.5%? Can they stay optimistic during a deep recession? Avoid chasing what’s done well in the last month? Can they leave their money alone to compound when they’re tempted to buy a boat? You can buy a 10-year bond. Can you put up with a two-year rout?"
"Long-term focus is great. But the long run is just a collection of short runs that need to be managed."

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