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Friday 15 February 2019

Weekly Reading: Some Interesting Stuff

A super interesting experiment of living modern life without Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. An eye opening account of how big tech has taken over our lives.

An article on how to live a life of intellectual freedom and not be chained by borrowed ideas.
Confusing models with reality is a cardinal sin of clear thinking. If you believe too strongly in your models of the world, you can start to ignore evidence that your model is wrong.

I have a theory about why the notion of an arms race between human and machine intelligences is fundamentally ill-posed: the way to survive and thrive in an environment of AIs and robots is not to be smarter than them, but to be more mediocre than them. Mediocrity, understood this way, is an independent meta-trait, not a qualifier you put on some other trait, like intelligence.
In other words, evolution is survival, not of the most mediocre (that would lead to paradox), but survival of the mediocre mediocre.

A long read on the platform economy and how network effects work and sometimes fail.

A compilation of learnings from the markets in the last 30 years from Jon Boorman of Broadsword Capital

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