Monday, 17 September 2018

Book Review: The Art of Thinking Clearly

The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli is simply a fascinating book on behavioural finance and psychology. It covers a vast number of cognitive biases and provides practical insights as well. This book is good even for non-investors as well.

I will just provide the contents of the book, which in my opinion provides a fascinating glimpse of what one can expect from the book.

This is a book which can and should be read by all.

The Chapters 
1. Why You Should Visit Cemeteries: Survivorship Bias.
2. Does Harvard Make You Smarter?: Swimmer's Body Illusion.
3. Why You See Shapes In The Clouds: Clustering Illusion.
4. If 50 Million People Say Something Foolish, It Is Still Foolish: Social Proof.
5. Why You Should Forget The Past: Sunk Cost Fallacy.
6. Don't Accept Free Drinks: Reciprocity.
7. Beware The 'Special Case': Confirmation Bias (Part 1).
8. Murder Your Darlings: Confirmation Bias (Part 2).
9. Don't Bow To Authority: Authority Bias.
10. Leave Your Supermodel Friends At Home: Contrast Effect.
11. Why We Prefer A Wrong Map To No Map At All: Availability Bias.
12. Why 'No Pain, No Gain' Should Set Alarm Bells Ringing: The It'll Get-Worse-Before-It-Gets-Better Fallacy.
13. Even True Stories Are Fairytales: Story Bias.
14. Why You Should Keep A Diary: Hindsight Bias.
15. Why You Systematically Overestimate Your Knowledge And Abilities: Overconfidence Effect.
16. Don't Take News Anchors Seriously: Chauffeur Knowledge.
17. You Control Less Than You Think: Illusion Of Control.
18. Never Pay Your Lawyer By The Hour: Incentive Super-Response Tendency.
19. The Dubious Efficacy Of Doctors, Consultants And Psychotherapists: Regression To Mean.
20. Never Judge A Decision By Its Outcome: Outcome Bias.
21. Less Is More: The Paradox Of Choice.
22. You Like Me, You Really Really Like Me: Liking Bias.
23. Don't Cling To Things: Endowment Effect.
24. The Inevitability Of Unlikely Events: Coincidence.
25. The Calamity Of Conformity: Groupthink.
26. Why You'll Soon Be Playing Megatrillions: Neglect Of Probability.
27. Why The Last Cookie In The Jar Makes Your Mouth Water: Scarcity Error.
28. When You Hear Hoofbeats, Don't Expect A Zebra: Base-Rate Neglect.
29. Why The 'Balancing Force Of The Universe' Is Baloney: Gambler's Fallacy.
30. Why The Wheel Of Fortune Makes Our Heads Spin: The Anchor.
31. How To Relieve People Of Their Millions: Induction.
32. Why Evil Strikes Harder Than Good: Loss Aversion.
33. Why Teams Are Lazy: Social Loafing.
34. Stumped By A Sheet Of Paper: Exponential Growth.
35. Curb Your Enthusiasm: Winner's Curse.
36. Never Ask A Writer If The Novel Is Autobiographical: Fundamental Attribution Error.
37. Why You Shouldn't Believe In The Stork: False Causality.
38. Everyone Is Beautiful At The Top: Halo Effect.
39. Congratulations! You've Won Russian Roulette: Alternative Paths.
40. False Prophets: Forecast Illusion.
41. The Deception Of Specific Cases: Conjunction Fallacy.
42. It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It: Framing.
43. Why Watching And Waiting Is Torture: Action Bias.
44. Why You Are Either The Solution - Or The Problem: Omission Bias.
45. Don't Blame Me: Self-Serving Bias.
46. Be Careful What You Wish For: Hedonic Treadmill.
47. Do Not Marvel At Your Existence: Self-Selection Bias.
48. Why Experience Can Damage Our Judgement: Association Bias.
49. Be Wary When Things Get Off To A Great Start: Beginner's Luck.
50. Sweet Little Lies: Cognitive Dissonance.
51. Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last - But Only On Sundays: Hyperbolic Discounting.
52. Any Lame Excuse: 'Because' Justification.
53. Decide Better - Decide Less: Decision Fatigue.
54. Would You Wear Hitler's Sweater?: Contagion Bias.
55. Why There Is No Such Thing As An Average War: The Problem With Averages.
56. How Bonuses Destroy Motivation: Motivation Crowding.
57. If You Have Nothing To Say, Say Nothing: Twaddle Tendency.
58. How To Increase The Average Iq Of Two States: Will Rogers Phenomenon.
59. If You Have An Enemy, Give Him Information: Information Bias.
60. Hurts So Good: Effort Justification.
61. Why Small Things Loom Large: The Law Of Small Numbers.
62. Handle With Care: Expectations.
63. Speed Traps Ahead!: Simple Logic.
64. How To Expose A Charlatan: Forer Effect.
65. Volunteer Work Is For The Birds: Volunteer's Folly.
66. Why You Are A Slave To Your Emotions: Affect Heuristic.
67. Be Your Own Heretic: Introspection Illusion.
68. Why You Should Set Fire To Your Ships: Inability To Close Doors
69. Disregard The Brand New: Neomania.
70. Why Propaganda Works: Sleeper Effect.
71. Why It's Never Just A Two-Horse Race: Alternative Blindness.
72. Why We Take Aim At Young Guns: Social Comparison Bias.
73. Why First Impressions Deceive: Primacy And Recency Effects.
74. Why You Can't Beat Home-Made: Not-Invented-Here Syndrome.
75. How To Profit From The Implausible: The Black Swan.
76. Knowledge Is Non-Transferable: Domain Dependence.
77. The Myth Of Like-Mindedness: False-Consensus Effect.
78. You Were Right All Along: Falsification Of History.
79. Why You Identify With Your Football Team: In-Group Out-Group Bias.
80. The Difference Between Risk And Uncertainty: Ambiguity Aversion
81. Why You Go With The Status Quo: Default Effect.
82. Why 'Last Chances' Make Us Panic: Fear Of Regret.
83. How Eye-Catching Details Render Us Blind: Salience Effect.
84. Why Money Is Not Naked: House-Money Effect.
85. Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work: Procrastination.
86. Build Your Own Castle: Envy.
87. Why You Prefer Novels To Statistics: Personification.
88. You Have No Idea What You Are Overlooking: Illusion Of Attention.
89. Hot Air: Strategic Misrepresentation.
90. Where's The Off Switch?: Overthinking.
91. Why You Take On Too Much: Planning Fallacy.
92. Those Wielding Hammers See Only Nails: Deformation Professionnelle.
93. Mission Accomplished: Zeigarnik Effect.
94. The Boat Matters More Than The Rowing: Illusion Of Skill.
95. Why Checklists Deceive You: Feature-Positive Effect.
96. Drawing The Bull's-Eye Around The Arrow: Cherry-Picking.
97. The Stone-Age Hunt For Scapegoats: Fallacy Of The Single Cause.
98. Speed Demons Make Safe Drivers: Intention-To-Treat Error.

99. Why You Shouldn't Read The News: News Illusion.

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