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Sunday 6 November 2011

Supreme Industries - Notes from Annual Report'2011

 Here are my notes on the 2010-11 annual report for Supreme Industries:-

* The Company is currently putting plants at two new locations. i.e in Halol (Gujarat) for composite cylinders and Hosur for Protective Packaging Products. Both these plants to be ready in Dec 2011 – Mar 2012 period.

* The Company invested a sum of RS 258 crores to augment capacities and to start a new
unit at Sriperumbudur in Tamilnadu. The company expects to invest Rs 200 crores in 2012.

* Growth was highly impacted due to high cost of raw material.
* Aqua Gold grew more than 40%.
* Lifeline CPVC grew more than 100%
* Fittings grew by over 40%
* After 3 years of degrowth, the exports grew this year by 14%

* Overall segment grew by 25% by value and 13% by volume. This implies higher sale of high-margin products.
* The company is closing down the mats business. It has a annual revenue of only Rs 15 crores.

* Strong growth of 30% overall
* Automotive products grew by 39% and appliances by 69%. Consumer electronics segment was weak.
* Company had bagged order for development of interior parts for new version of trucks from Tata Motors, which included completely assembled Instrument Panel, i.e. Cockpit.
* The Company has also bagged order for development of plastic parts for prestigious ‘Two Wheeler’, to be launched by Piaggio, sometime during early 2012.
* Expecting sustained growth of 25% to 30% year on year for next 3 to 5 years

* Overall segment grew by 27% by value and 20% by volume. This implies higher sale of high-margin products.

* Packaging Films sales were stagnant. Company is trying to move into new areas of applications and reduce its dependency on oil packaging.
* Protective Packaging products grew by 26% by value and 13% by volume. This implies higher sale of high-margin products.

* The average rate of Interest has gone up to 9.72% from 7.93%.
* The Company has chalked out Capex of Rs 1000 crores over a period of five years from 2010-11 to 2014-15 across all the products to tap the growth opportunities and to keep the pace of growth momentum so as to achieve desired CAGR of around 20% on y-o-y basis.
* Crisil has upgraded the rating outlook to "AA-/Stable" from "A+/Positive"
* The Company would try to bring the interest cost below 1% of Total Turnover by the end of next year.

Expected EPS for June 2012 : 15-16
PE range : 12-15
Expected price range : 180-240

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