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Monday 15 November 2010

Notes from Investor Presentation dated 12 Nov 2010

* Supreme Industries Ltd (SIL) owns 29.88% of Supreme Petrochem. PAT of SPL was Rs. 60.58 crores in 2009-10, thus SIL's share of the PAT is 18.10 crores.
* Supreme Petrochecm is one of the largest single site Polystrene ( PS )producer accounting for 2% of world capacity. It owns 60% of domestic installed capacity.
* Sales volume to grow at CAGR of 15.60 % and likely to reach 3,24,000 MT by 2014-15
* Debt-Equity ratio has reduced from 0.8 to 0.6
* Positive cash flows at its operating as well as net level every year
* Even during tough times of FY09 company has made investment towards future

Supreme Chambers (Andheri Commercial Complex)
* Total Saleable Area : around 2,75,000 sq. ft.
* Total Project Cost : about Rs. 155 crores .
* Already sold about 40000 Sq.ft. with revenues of Rs 60.20 Crores.
* Plan to sale entire complex excluding one floor.
* Estimated total revenues from Sale about Rs. 375 Crores.
* Entire sale likely to fructify by Dec.2011

2015-15 Plan
* Capacity Expansion: The existing capacity to be enhanced to 595,000 MT by 2014-15 with Rs. 1000 crores of capex. This is to be funded by sales proceeds of the commercial complex and internal accruals.
* Diversify Product Portfolio: Focus on technological innovations
* Increase Share of Value Added Products: Enhance the overall contribution of VA products from 25% to 30%
* Widen Distribution Network: Increase channel partners and widen as well as deepen the distribution network

* Aim to become a Rs. 4500 crore turnover company
* Maintain 15% operating margins
* Overall growth of 17% y-o-y

Plastic Industry
Current Per Capita Polymer Consumption
US - 71.46 Kgs
Brazil - 22.71 Kgs
China - 30.74 Kgs
India - 5.66 Kgs

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