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Friday, 7 September 2018

Weekly Reading - Some Interesting Stuff

Here are some articles I read during the week which I found interesting, useful or amusing. Have a great weekend.

Beliefs are almost invincible – the more they’re repeated, the more they’re believed, and the more they’re challenged, the more they’re believed. Thus, the only way to weaken a belief is to let it be – to leave it alone. The longer it’s disregarded the weaker it gets. Any attention, positive or negative, acts as fuel for the fire.

How to de-clutter your mind and keep things simple

Though meant for the iPhone users, this is a great guide on how to minimize distractions from your mobile phone

Extraordinary article on China’s decline from a self-absorbed great empire to an abject victim of global powers was one of the swiftest and most psychologically devastating in history, and it remains a driving force behind the country’s modernization. And all of it began with the Opium War. [requires free login]

Thinking about providing a recurring service required by people can help convert transactions to the subscription model.

How AI is helping model human behaviour in a religious and cultural setting

How Oslo is working to be a model EV city

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